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An exclusive, fully-escorted tour of Tudor England led by Alison Weir as Study Director.
9th to 18th June 2011

This will be the first in a series of tours linked to Alison Weir’s books. Each tour will be unique

The Tudor Treasures Tour will visit:

  • Penshurst Place
  • Hever Castle
  • The Tower of London
  • Bradgate Park 
  • Hardwick Hall and Hardwick Old Hall 
  • Chatsworth House
  • Haddon Hall
  • Harvington Hall
  • Shakespeare's Stratford-upon-Avon 
  • Sudeley Castle 
  • Baddesley Clinton 
  • Kirby Hall
  • Hatfield House and Hatfield Old Palace
  • Hampton Court Palace

          *  The Bloomsbury Hotel, London (4 nights)
          Hever Castle: The Tudor Village and Tudor Suite (1 night)
           Breadsall Priory, Derbyshire (2 nights)
          Coombe Abbey, Warwickshire (2 nights)

Alison Weir's Tudor Treasures will take you on a comprehensive eight-day tour of Tudor England, visiting many fascinating and significant historic sites connected with the Tudors and other British monarchs. The tour will be accompanied throughout by Alison Weir as Study Director, and Historic Royal Palaces' Guide Lecturer, Siobhan Clarke.

The Tour will also include guest lectures from eminent historians Sarah Gristwood, Tracy Borman and Kate Williams, who, together with Alison Weir, often team up together as ‘The History Girls’ for a wide range of author events and appearances on BBC TV and radio.

Guests will be accommodated in superior hotels, all of which are themselves historic buildings, with a number of dinners, talks and events laid on. They will also enjoy the services of an experienced professional Tour Director.

This is an unmissable opportunity for anyone who is interested in Tudor history, this tour will enrich your knowledge of the period and provide you with an unforgettable experience of the Golden Age of English history.

Tour overview:

Day 1: On the first night of the tour, you are invited to a welcome reception and included welcome dinner at the Bloomsbury Hotel, our London base.

Day 2: We visit Penshurst Place, the seat of the Elizabethan hero and poet, Sir Philip Sidney, then Hever Castle, the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, where we will stay overnight and enjoy an included dinner.

Day 3: Returning to London, we will tour the Tower of London.

Day 4: We depart for the spectacular Peak District of Derbyshire, where we will stay at the thirteenth-century Breadsall Priory Hotel and Country Club, the oldest Marriott hotel in the world (one dinner included). On the way north, we will visit the evocative ruins of Bradgate Park, which was Lady Jane Grey's childhood home, and imposing Hardwick Hall.

Day 5: We will enjoy private tours of splendid Chatsworth House and Haddon Hall, scene of a famous Tudor love story.

Day 6: We drive south to Harvington Hall, which boasts several Elizabethan priest holes, then spend time at Shakespeare’s Stratford-upon-Avon. Here you will be able to visit the famous Shakespeare sites, including the poet's grave and Anne Hathaway's Cottage, and tour the Bard`s Birthplace by candlelight. Our base for the next two nights is ancient Coombe Abbey (one dinner included).

Day 7: We drive to the glorious Cotswold Hills for a Connoisseurs' Tour of Sudeley Castle, where Katherine Parr died and is buried, and a visit to mysterious Baddesley Clinton.

Day 8: Returning south, we will stop to view the haunting ruins of Elizabethan Kirby Hall, then tour Hatfield House and see the nearby Old Palace, where Elizabeth I spent much of her youth and where, in 1558, she learned that she was Queen of England.

Day 9: We will spend the final day at magnificent Hampton Court Palace, where you will enjoy a private tour of the Tudor royal apartments with Siobhan Clarke, who will be wearing authentic Tudor costume. The Tudor Treasures tour will end that evening with a farewell dinner at Shakespeare`s Globe Theatre in London, and the final night will be spent at the Bloomsbury Hotel. 

Alison Weir will accompany the tour each day as tour leader, and will assist with guiding and questions. 


“This tour effectively brought together the hearts and minds of a group that shared a universal quest to expand its knowledge of familiar historical figures, places and events that changed the course of history. Each member, whether as scholars, staff or guests, contributed unique qualities and gifts that enhanced the human experience of glorious enlightenment, friendship, laughter, tears and wistful longing to cherish the fond memories of one of the best weeks of our lives.”

“Dreams come true. Heart-felt thanks!”

“You underestimate the importance of the environment and ambience that you created not only during the tour, but, importantly, before it, through emails.”

“Thank you! It was so fun – can’t wait till next time!”

“We loved not only meeting Alison, but the other historians were such a treat as well (along with the entire staff of course.) Everyone made us feel very welcome. Sarah spending so much time with us was an unexpected, and much enjoyed treat! I loved not only seeing the sights, but learning about clothing, lifestyle, food, etc.”

“An amazing opportunity to meet the Tudors with a great group, led by outstanding, brilliant tour leaders.”

“Thank you for everything. I couldn’t be happier!”

“Truly a trip of a lifetime. I’d like to say that the attention and care given pre-trip was wonderful. Communication was very good and I felt I knew Siobhan before I even met her.”

“Thanks for an unforgettable experience.”

“Great job provided by the staff - especially John when we had little hiccups along the way! We so appreciate the effort to go the extra mile to make things better!”

“Thank you for a wonderful experience.”

“Most welcoming and exceptional at every level – well above and beyond what was expected – and greatly appreciated.”

“Thank you for the trip of a lifetime!”

“The tour was truly something to cherish for a lifetime! We have been reliving in our hearts many wonderful moments with a chuckle here and a wonderment there. I've been enjoying the music and books so generously given - it's fun now to hear the actual ‘voices’ of the authors as I read their words.”

“Thanks for the ultimate ‘groupie’ experience! It was wonderful…”

“I had very high expectations for the tour, and I was not disappointed in any way. It is a perfect vacation for anyone who loves history. It was a dream come true to visit the Tudor houses and palaces with Alison Weir herself! Before the trip I considered it a once-in-a-lifetime trip, but I am already waiting to see what is planned for next year! The gifts were also wonderful and so appreciated. They were such a surprise and the perfect selections. I will always treasure my signed books and my lovely Anne Boleyn necklace. Thank you!”

“Thank you for everything. You are a gem!”

“I had the most incredible 9 days! We visited wonderful places accompanied by Alison each day! We also met three other historians. We all learned so uch and had a wonderful trip. I would recommend her tours to anyone who loves history!”

“Thank you for the most wonderful trip ever!”

“Superb quality of events, guest support and personal individual attention”

“The tour provided quite a splendid overview of important places and people.”

“I could not have asked for more. Perfect! I also loved the way that Sarah, Kate, Siobhan, and Tracy all added their own touch as a supplement to Alison’s expertise. John is priceless, because he can still smile even while I am asking him for a new hotel room.”

“Perfect - it was an excellent trip.”

“We really enjoyed meeting all of you and thanks so much to Alison, Siobhan, John, Jo and Sarah for making this a beyond fantastic trip!!”

“I loved my AWT experience. If you love history, there is no better way to see England! I hope to do another tour in the future!”

“It is definitely time to start saving up for the next AWT wherever it may take us!”

“Thank you so much for everything! I will always have wonderful memories of my trip with you!”

“A BIG thank you to you. The entire trip was wonderful - and it was such a pleasure being with Alison, Siobhan, Sarah and John. And I love the Royal Treasures book, it already has pride of place in my living room. I look forward to seeing the itineraries for next year, to begin to get excited about coming again! I know your problem will be too many travellers as soon as the word gets out on what you offer. It is truly unique in the marketplace. Can't wait to hear your next steps and I am hoping to join you again next year. Just a note to say that whoever I tell about our wonderful trip wants to know more and how to join. I believe they would go anywhere with you.”

“A most sincere thank you to Alison, Siobhan, Sarah, Kate, Tracy, John and Jo for an excellent tour. It will always be a memory that I will treasure.”

“It was such a wonderful experience. Thanks to you all for making it so very special. It is a first class tour for anyone interested in Tudor history. In my opinion no one can compare to Alison Weir. Her ‘History Girls’ lecturers are all first rate. A truly wonderful experience. I highly recommend it.”

“Alison Weir’s Tudor Treasures Tour is all about access. When you arrive with Alison Weir and her guest historians, you are treated like an honoured guest and often given access rarely or never given to the general public. Alison’s enthusiasm for her subject is exhilarating. Sarah Gristwood is a rock star!”

“As an avid reader of Ms. Weir’s books with a serious interest in Tudor history, I have been searching for a tour of this type for years. To share this experience with an author I admire and others with an academic interest in the period is an amazing opportunity.”

“A wonderful chance to share my love of all things Tudor with a fantastic group of like-minded people – I should say friends, because that’s what they’ve become.”